Out of my way!!!!
Hey you, at the front…. can you move or step aside??? A snail moves twice faster than you!
I made my order over 25 minutes ago but it’s like this food won’t be showing up, after all!!! Where’s my waiter? I hope he didn’t do a ka-vanish on me!
Photo credit: doc.govt.nz

Right from my days at Christ The King Nursery School, I’ve always heard these words bellowed out, from all directions
By different people wearing different coats at different times
Traders, drivers, pedestrians, city council officials, security guards, teachers, the clergy
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On top of their voices
With a lot of passion in their voices and utterances
That you get to clearly see the veins and arteries!
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Here’s my crazy idea
Hhhhhmmmmmmmm…I’ve always wanted to ask these guys shouting…why can’t you take your time?
I can imagine that smirk you have on your face, right now
Photo credit: nbcnewyork.com

Over time, I’ve observed, very closely
How our people here, have zero patience
I don’t know if this is the same case wherever you’re from
But….it’s so interesting
Even when you look at somebody that’s in the driving seat, they literally want to own the entire road and chase away all the “other road users”
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Tell me this….
Do you agree that we have so many half-baked ideas out there?
Ranging all the way from school to our homes to our places of work to places of change and communities
To the point that many of us wonder how these ideas even make it to the final round of qualification!!!
Meeting in the office
Photo credit: fortune.com

Were things like this, in the generations, times and days that came before us?
Were you guys this impatient like we are?
Were you guys so focused on chasing after the small stars and forgot about counting the big ones?
Were you guys so much taken up by notifications than the real time conversations with people?
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Would you want to hear what I think about this all? Hhhmmmmm…

I believe you can wait out 5 seconds for the storm to pass before you make a response to the question passed on unto you
I believe you can wait at a distance, for as long as you need, for the senior citizen to walk across the road
I believe you can wait for that download to fully complete it’s round before you begin looking through it
I believe you can line up, in the queue just like the rest of us
I believe you can take as long as you need to, to re-listen what you’ve recorded before you can make us listen to it
I believe you can sit out this game, recuperate for the coming ones and let other people gain some hands-on experience
I believe you can begin travelling an hour and a half, ahead of schedule, just so you have no excuse for the traffic jam getting you
Photo credit: videoblocks.com

All in all, TAKE YOUR T.I.M.E ~