Did you know that your favorite company has a chairperson?
Even the one that you created with your own hands…
Strange, interesting and funny, right?
Silhouettes of Business People Discussing Business Issues
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The same goes to your comfort zone
I wanted to relate the two, using the example of a chairperson
For both of them to exist legally or in somewhat kind of that nature, there has to be a board of some sorts, right?
One that will be headed and steered in the forward direction by a chairperson….
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But let’s stick to the comfort zone
Your own comfort zone, that is
Howzit like?
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Is it one where you fall back after everything has taken place in a day?
Is it the one where you do the chilling after a great victory?
Or is it the one where you prefer to keep safe and inbounds?
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Do you consider it to be a good zone for you?
Do you find it very dangerous for you, at times?
Do you find yourself lagging behind on your own commitments simply because of pledging allegiance to the zone?
Were you forced to live in this zone?
Were you forced to relocate here?
Was it life….your friends….those people you admire and look up to?
Or did you just want a change for yourself and you decided to go after it?
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Let’s share stories on this….

If you ask me, though, I will tell you one solid truth
The zone is having you, as one of its chief residents
If not, its chiefest resident, if I may use that word that way
And that, this zone can still exist when you decide to relocate to another
Even when the time comes for you to actually move to another zone, it shall remain there
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With each and every day that you wake up, pause for a second after your eyes have adjusted to the light
Ask yourself what you have planned in stock and line, for your zone
To either make it better or worse for you now or in the future
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Having done that, look around you
You might want to use some relatable examples of other people like you that have been residing in this same zone or a very similar one
Are they doing better than you are? Do you feel inclined to improve on your situation thereafter?
Or not?
Are you doing better than they are, dear chairperson?
If yes, say this to them, SLOWLY, “my zone of stay is comfort and I’m it’s chairperson”!