Should I speak or should we let the fries and the chicken and sausages and the fish fingers do the talking?

This was at SAUTI Barbeque and Grill on Gayaza Road!



The “Id” in me Ntemid, says we let the food and the pictures do the talking….




Careful; this was an entire military-kind operation made of 3 fooding operatives.

You must know 2 of the faces in this photo below….there you have Daniella



Mission objectives:

  1. Secure our food.
  2. File and empty our bellies, to welcome our incoming food.
  3. Eat ALL THE FOOD brought before us.
  4. Take some diagrams for keeps, before and after the food has been eaten.
  5. Enjoy the breeze.
  6. Leave at will, scampering back to our nests.

Ntemid had one more up his sleeve….have a ka pack of Kanyeebwa at the end of the day!


Mission outcomes;

  1. Food was well secured.
  2. Our bellies were emptied and the welcoming committee for the food did their job!
  3. ALL THE FOOD brought before us was eaten without batting an eye-lid.
  4. A good number of diagrams were taken before the food was eaten. We got too full to take photos after the operation.
  5. It was too hot…so yeah, the breeze wasn’t enjoyed as much….(that is just me).
  6. We left at will, around 4PM.


VERDICT: It was a general mission success! Looking forward to the next one at Sauti Barbeque and Grill on Gayaza Road.