The Walking Dead is a television series I started watching a few years back

And stopped at the second season.

I think that is because I let myself get distracted by so many other television shows that had come up around that time.


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It is one of my best shows

For a number of reasons i.e it is a horror show, it is a show that reveals to you the beast inside human beings, it is a show that teaches you the ways of survival in the world out there and most of all, it is a show that keeps you glued for what will happen in the next episode!


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Season 1 started with chaos all over the world and there is this cop, Rick that is in coma at the hospital.

He and other people that are trying to survive make something of themselves and traverse Georgia to ensure they don’t turn out to become the “walkers” they are fighting!


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Season 2 of The Walking Dead is more revealing in terms of secrets that happened when our eyes were away.

Rick and his companions, while searching for Carol’s daughter Sophia seek refuge at Hershel’s farm and while there, they discover an entire barn of walkers standing right there….you can imagine how the story went, from there on out!


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Season 3 has Rick and his companions on the road again, fleeing for their lives and this time, heading for a prison so many miles away. At a distance away, there exists a safe place called “Woodbury” run by “The Governor”.

This Governor is not satisfied with his territory and takes it upon himself to invade the group at the prison….you may want to imagine what happens when your safe spot is bombed down and the walkers are now all over the entire place, closing in on the fences!


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Season 4 of the The Walking Dead otherwise known as, “TWD”, has so many people at the prison die from a very infectious and deadly flu. This flu is so close to the same virus that the walkers have in them! Remember “the Governor”? He did not die then and has now established his place in the hearts of a family he comes across on his way from a decimated Woodbury. He leads them to the battle of their lives as they come back to take away the prison from it’s current occupants!

Things end so badly this time claiming the lives of Hershel and the Governor and so many of the people that fought that day are either dead or alone out there, on their own! Soon enough, word gets out about another safe place called “Terminus” and with good fortune, most of these companions meet again!


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Season 5 is the season I am heading to now.

I will surely keep you in the loop from here on out!

I am so glad to be watching The Walking Dead again!

Just like I never left….


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Wait…I hear there is a spin-off of The Walking Dead called Fear The Walking Dead!

Is it as good as this?


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