I strongly believe the name, “Diggstown” got inspiration from the “Diggs” family-name

From where the show’s lead star, Mercy Diggs belongs.

Careful; this is a family where everybody goes after what they want!

In this fictional “town” of ours,

We get to see so much of the life and days of Mercy as she works her way around and through the law and justice at Halifax

Halifax is where all the magic happens….legal magic, that is.

In there, so many people seek the services of legal practitioners like PamDoug, Iris Reggie, Colleen, ….to help them balance the scales of justice in their favour.

This doesn’t come without consequences since the management running the firm likes playing “quid pro quo” with the rich and powerful

Sometimes, with the politics of their industry

Other times, just to get on the nerves of the people who work here!

Sometimes, we lose

Other times, we win

Just like any human being would be in such a circumstance

But we surely get the job done.

The cases we handle here are our usual daily episodes of life

State-sanctioned brutality, unfair dismissals, corruption and cover-ups, racism and discrimination, rape and other sexual-related offences among others

And there is a lot of passion in here…forces like Percy will come in and land another blockage in your way to seeking justice

Other times, it can be your own people like Avery who will hound you for answers you don’t have or can’t give

And somehow, you gotta find a solution…quick!

Because somebody might serve time in jail for something they didn’t do, you know!

I don’t know why but I believe this is a drama from Canada, isn’t it?

And one that is led by a black woman!!!

That’s the tea, right there!

~ Go on, give it a day in the jurors’ box, in Diggstown. ~