It’s something that has a rather long end to it, where something metallic is pushed out, with great force
When somebody has squeezed its trigger or otherwise….that is, when it fires itself off due to a fall and its safety is off or in a fire….many things can happen….you just can’t tell exactly what may happen
I’m talking about a gun!!!

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Do you know what that is? A gun….?

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Depending on how long you have lived, where you have lived, your service rendered to the country, how much you have seen on your travels…
There’s lots of guns out there….
Ranging from the AK47 to the AR15 to the much bigger ones
And all of these have specific purposes they were invented for but in the end, have been put down to one basic function
I hope you know what that function is….

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Am no soldier
As a matter of fact, I have never owned a gun before or even fired off a bullet from it
The best I have done and it was out sheer curiosity that could have gotten me killed was holding a handgun
But I will tell you this

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A gun is not something to play around with

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Over the years, many people have lost their lives to playing with a gun
Either out of ignorance or complacency
You hear that one child picked up a loaded handgun…without knowing it’s potential at that moment
And started pointing it out to their playmates
Only to mistakenly pull the trigger

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How sad that is!

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In other cases, you find somebody well trained enough to handle and take care of a gun, while in their possession
Manages to misuse that training, knowledge and skill
To shoot at innocent civilians who were probably having a good time

Police cuts
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Or, in the saddest of cases, their fellow colleague in service, over a disagreement that could have been worked out amicably, under cool heads
This is where I pose a question…
Are you qualified enough to carry a gun, point it at an object and fire off?

Yes or No
Out of formal gun training

Check yourself out how you score on this examination and self-evaluation questionnaire
And thereafter, make a decision on whether to “point that thing at somebody you are ready to shoot at OR NOT!