Most people know that alcohol and drugs can cause severe addiction.

Whether the addiction involves famous people like Elton John in Rocketman (available on DIRECTV STREAM), or everyday people like those in Hillbilly Elegy, addiction affects not only addicts but those around them.

It relates to habits like gambling, but did you know that common objects like smartphones can cause addiction too?

Does spending a lot of time on your device mean you are addicted?


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Signs That You May Be Addicted to Your Smartphone.

Even though the American Psychiatric Association has not yet listed cell phone addiction in its Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, many mental health professionals consider it a mental health problem that produces physical and psychological symptoms.

Cell phone addiction is a form of internet addiction.

Your phone doesn’t create the compulsion, but the apps, games, and online world you frequently participate in and visit does.

Many people have some signs of cell phone addiction.

After all, how many of us scroll through our phones at dinner?

Nevertheless, psychiatrists indicate that true cellphone addicts must have at least four of the following symptoms, along with a tendency that cellphone usage has disrupted their lives.


Here are some of the signs;

Trouble Completing Tasks.

You can’t finish what you’re supposed to at home or work because you’re busy chatting, texting, or playing games.


Does your social life suffer because you are on your phone?

Do you lose track of conversations because you keep checking your device?

You feel like only your online friends understand you.

Hiding Smartphone Use.

You hide from people by going to another room to use your phone, or you may lie to family and friends about smartphone usage.

Do you become irritated when someone interrupts your phone time?

Fear of Missing Out.

Do you ever feel you’re missing out on important news or information or compulsively check social media to see what others are doing?

Do you wake up at night to check your phone and begin scrolling?

Dread or Anxiety at Not Having Your Phone.

Almost everyone feels a little anxiety when they leave their phone at home or if the battery runs low.

After all, what if you have a problem?

But addiction goes beyond this as you wonder about missing updates or feel anxious because you can’t respond to social media messages.

You have strong negative emotions because you can’t check your phone.

You are Preoccupied With Your Smartphone.

Preoccupation can lead to traffic accidents or other mishaps if you check your phone while doing mundane tasks.

You may also access your smartphone as soon as you are bored and cannot quit, even when others tell you that you need to put the phone down.


How to Overcome being addicted to your Smartphone.

You can take several steps to wean yourself off excessive cellphone usage.

If you find yourself unsuccessful, ask a professional for help.

Keep a log of how much time you spend on your smartphone and ask friends and family for support.

Recognize Your Triggers.

Why do you spend so much time on your phone?

If you are dealing with depression, anxiety, or stress, find other, healthier ways to deal with your pain.

Understand Online and In-Person Relationships.

They are different.

We are social creatures who are not meant to rely on technology.

While real friendships can develop from online interactions, many won’t.

You won’t have the same non-verbal cues through online relationships that you will in person. Tread warily.

Recognize Underlying Problems.

Underlying problems can contribute to compulsive behavior.

Does anything about your smartphone use relate to how you have dealt with issues in the past? Are you using your phone to numb pain or distract yourself?

Delete apps where you spend a considerable amount of time.

Strengthen Your Support Network.

Set aside time for friends and family and turn off your phone.

Yes, it will be difficult, but doing so can help you overcome social awkwardness and find a way to cope without using the internet.

Find others with the same interests as you to let relationships and friendships develop naturally.


What if I Can’t Stop on My Own?

You have several therapy routes that can help you overcome the problem of being addicted to your smartphone.

Find one that best addresses your specific need and stay with it.

If you need additional help, don’t be afraid to ask for it.


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Consider the following:


Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

Working with a licensed therapist provides you with tools to stop compulsive behaviors.

A therapist can also give suggestions for managing stress, anxiety, or depression that may fuel your usage.

Couples Therapy.

Choose this route if your phone addiction is affecting your relationship.

Support Groups.

Group support can connect you with others who have suffered from being addicted to their smartphone and overcame it.

If the quality of your life is suffering because of smartphone addiction, you can overcome it. Getting the right help and support can make all the difference.