Have you watched “The Rookie” before?

Season 4 or it’s end, in the very least?

If you have not, you must!

Because we now have it’s spin-off called “The Rookie Feds”!


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At the end of season four on The Rookie, we were introduced to a particular character named Simone Clark.

She was still in the FBI academy technically but she had special attributes to her.

She can drive so dangerously.

And she makes an excellent counsellor!


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Little did I know that there was a whole show in the works, where she would be the main act!

And I love every minute of it that I have watched.

This new show is called “The Rookie Feds”.


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You will see familiar faces in here if you watched shows like Ozark, Good Girls, The Blacklist, The Rookie itself among others.

Brace yourself to laugh non-stop.

I started laughing right from the debut episode.


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That is because all the characters in this show just make you laugh unknowingly or intentionally.

You will see one that is an actor and is now a rookie agent too but is so afraid of real blood.

You will find another that just wants Simone to follow the rules to a dot even when he is struggling to live up to his own set standards.

Not forgetting, their boss that is very sneaky in his ways but manages to trust people even when it’s so difficult to trust them.


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Get your food and seats ready.

Special Agent in charge Garza is here with his new squad!

No mission is impossible for them and they do not like “waiting in the line”.