If I may ask,
What’s the lifestyle of an ordinary chicken like?
And how’s yours, as an individual?

Photo credit: roadsandkingdoms.com

How’s our health system, as Uganda?
Is it progressing forward with us and our lifestyles that we love so much, to maintain?
Or, is it regressing so much faster than Hurricane Kampala?

Photo credit: roadsandkingdoms.com

What are you eating, really?
Is it all fried?
Or boiled?
Oba grilled?

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The vegetables, fleshy foods, drinks, fruits…name it
Are all here
My next question, goes to the quantity?

Photo credit: twendeexpeditions.com

Do you love your mountainfood?
Or, just a small slice can do the job, just fine?
And how often do you eat?

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Photo credit: mambolook.com

I’m reliably told that the cancers are coming for us….more so, the ones we’ve never heard of
And that guy called diabetes, as well
And their closest cousin called body complications