Do you remember the last time

You paused for a moment

Having heard something being said

And you reacted…. “Wait….whattttt??!!”

Say….like when you were in an argument with somebody

And they tried making you the victim in the whole thing

Or….when you couldn’t help but overhear

A conversation that was going on close to you

And something very interesting was blurted out

And it was simply unbelievable

You simply couldn’t hold it in

You took off a moment to process it, you turned in amazement

And responded…. “Wait….whattttt??!!”

Yyeeaahhhh…well, I got a couple of questions for you;


  1. Do you find this natural?
  2. Do you happen to know the process that leads us to behaving that way in that moment in time?

A bonus question, too….

  1. Why do you think or believe you responded this way?