Two worlds separated by a “wall” and a tunnel

Two people that look the same somewhere

Those same two being different in character and behaviour

Two sets of development and ideology

There is everything in two

Picture such a kind of life!

I want you to imagine how your counterpart would turn out

Or counterparts would be

COUNTERPART – SEASON 1 – EPISODE 102 – “Birds of a Feather”

Is it a life you can ably live?

Knowing at the back of your mind that your other could easily replace you live your life and no one would easily get to realize what’s going on?

What would you do when you meet your counterpart?

Ohh….not forgetting that this kind of thing we are putting together started as an experiment of sorts

Between this very small group of friends who had “respective expertise” in “recreating another world just like the one they had”

As the show progresses, you will get to know them as “management”

All were quite good and tolerable until the day when one of them broke the rules they set

To never get in contact with their counterpart’s family without due permission from his colleagues (this, I mean literally and metaphorically).

Which in the end led to the murder of the other counterpart!

I must warn you….you will need a lot of patience for this one

To fully piece all the dots together

There is quite a number of them!

Ps. When you come in contact with your counterpart, please pass on my love to them.

~ The STARZ be with you ~