Warren: “Everything you think you know, Syd….everything is wrong”.

Sydney: “What are you talking about”?

Warren: “I am Gabriel Knox”!!!

Now, I truly hope you have missed Jerry Bruckheimer, Jessica Alba and Gabrielle Union like I have

I can’t even recall when I last saw them on a project as good as this

Comical, intimate, action-packed and navigating the roads and alleys of police work

The pairing of these two characters is what sticks everything together like the final 2 pieces of a jig-saw puzzle

LA’s Finest – Season 1 – Episode 100

Syd is very fearless and carefree…I guess those 2 move together, don’t they

And on the other hand, we’ve got McKenna who is a family-always kind of person and one that prefers to tread more carefully given what she has to lose

You simply have to see how they kick ass on this one

Set in Los Angeles, we are let into the lives of Syd Burnett and Nancie McKenna

As two cops and partners on the same team

Little do we get to know every 40 minutes or so about their past

And how it all managed to shape the future of these two women and those they love

L.A.’S FINEST — “Pilot” Episode — Pictured: (l-r) Gabrielle Union as Det. Syd Burnett, Jessica Alba as Det. Nancy McKenna, Duane Martin as Det. Ben Baines, Zach Gilford as Det. Ben Walker — (Photo by: Ron Batzdorff/NBC)

In the case of Syd, the DEA had her investigate Gabriel Knox. Up and until the end of the line for them, she had NO clue that Knox was a creation of the same system she serves and brought her the worst pain she has ever suffered in her whole entire life or career for that matter

Nancie suffered immense abuse with her brother, Nico from her mother and one time, Nico picked up a gun and shot her in cold blood. With the help of Dante over the years, Nancie covered up the murder. Long enough, at least, till it all caught up with her!

Having heard all that, these two aren’t the entire LAPD

No sir, No ma’am

There happens to be other crews

You should look out for them and tell me what you think, eeh

Otherwise, this show will leave you in suspense about a number of things

Family ties and friendship, love, betrayal, policing and police work, life on the streets, capitalism, gangs, crime, our former lives, change, truth, drugs and escapism tendencies, the power of bonds

I hope you enjoy being L.A’s Finest.