Have you ever looked for something or somebody?

For so long

That you started thinking you will never get it

And ttthhhhheeeennnnnn

One day

When you least expect it

You actually find what you have been looking for


How did you feel at that moment?

At that time

Was your mind all over the place?

Were you wondering?

Did the cat bite out your tongue?

When you took a moment

To catch your breath

How did you feel?

Did your recover your “tongue successfully from the cat’s tummy”?


If anything

There was this one question

That simply would not leave your mind

“How the hell did I not see this”?


Or simply put,

Where have you been all this while?

Where was my head all this while?

What was I thinking all this time?

To know that I have been looking and yet, you were here the whole entire time


I have been searching for it everywhere

And it was right here, the whole time

So stupid of me…to look under the floor

Yet, it was in my pocket the whole time


How could I have missed this?


Well, this time around

We look to those times in our lives

When this has happened to us

That is, me and you


Let us start with those moments involving human beings

The people we love

Many times, we search and look for those people we don’t really want

And end up totally ignoring the best there is

Those are right in front of us, the whole time

Sometimes, they even help us with our “searches”


How sad can that be?


Do we even get to care how they felt?

About us that whole time

We simply keep chasing and chasing after what seems doesn’t want to be caught, don’t we?


When we get to see very clearly

What they stand for in our lives

We realize we have missed out on the very best life has to offer

Hopefully, it is not too late for regret!

Let us get to material things, hhmmm

How do we do on that end?

Pretty much, the same way

Only that this time, it hurts quite more in that moment


That is because

What we are looking for

Is considered very small or tiny by many people

Like a coin or a key or a small piece of paper

You are thinking…. “the audacity!!! How could I look for you all this while as you were quiet?”


If there is anything that I have mastered in this life

It is that in any event

I simply have to look close

Like RIGHT THERE, damn it!!!!!

Okay….here is a clue; the apple does not fall far from the tree


~ I truly hope you find what you are looking for ~