Anything sensitive
Or anything that greatly matters to me
That takes up my thoughts, beliefs and time
That I stand for, with my life, if I have to

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I believe I’m “voiceless” in my current state
But you aren’t.
You have more power than I am having
You have access to all these platforms, forums, meetings and avenues you can use to see to it that my beliefs and what I stand for, is passed on to those that really need it.

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You have read more books than I have
Probably been to more cities, towns and countries than I can mention freely
Seen more luxury than I have

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So, what’s really stopping you?
From being that voice of hope that all those like me, have
Is it the president, the police, army, policy-makers and all those other powerful people out there?
I’m in untold pain; right here…because of this significant betrayal I’m feeling.