I can’t vividly recall where I saw this message about talking about miscarriages

I can surely recall that it caught my attention

Why don’t we ever talk about miscarriages?

I literally had to reflect upon imagining what the term, “miscarriage” and what it means or could mean to somebody

The hope you get knowing that you are soon going to have a child

I don’t even know what that feels

Over the course of my life, I have heard stories of people that were excited over the moon about their soon-to-be-born child

I would feel their joy and seemingly never-ending happiness with them


In other instances, I have seen people that have tried getting a child

For those that received the news that they would soon be parents, it was a sight to behold

They were so happy that nothing could go wrong till the day they had their child in their arms and care


Yeah…that’s how much this news means to them!


And now this….

How do you get to tell somebody that their joy has to be “cut short”?



Honestly, why?

Is it something they did in their past?

Could it be that their body can’t hold on any longer?

Could it be destiny?

Could it be that we are living in very unstable times?

Could it be that we are not taking proper care of ourselves?

Aaahhhh…it’s so painful!!!


Sweetheart, I won’t lie to you that it will be okay!

It won’t be okay!

Nothing will be the same again!

It will hurt less as time goes by. This, I promise you!