A week ago, I was watching a movie called “Worth”.

This was my first time watching it all entirely as I didn’t get to complete or even start in since I was heading to work.


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This movie is about a lawyer named Kenneth Feinberg.

He helped people, in the movie and inspired by true-life events that happened on September 11th 2001, that were affected by the events of that day.


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I could not help but keep on pausing this movie to really think and feel for those who were affected.

The anguish, politics, greed, bureaucracy, pain that they went through then…and now!

How their experiences just became words on paper and numbers in some box files!


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There was one person in the movie that kept on pushing Kenneth to do the “right thing”.

(I want you see this cynicism for yourself).

He asked him one question that hasn’t left my mind since.

“How much are you worth?”


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I want you to really think about that.

“How much am I worth?”

For those who know already how much they are worth,


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Please share with us a figure.

We might need it as a yardstick!