How do you experience love?
Very interesting question, isn’t it?

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Somebody might say that they have a particular gauge they use to experience love, in their life
Another might just as well disagree
But at the point where we say that we are all different and experience love, differently, there we all agree

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Have you heard of a certain test called the Myers – Briggs personality test?
Certainly, not like one of those where you go the medical doctor to have your “finger – tip” stabbed for a drop of blood….
But one, where you can read through on your own and honestly get to reflect upon yourself, to provide the best answers to who you really are…and how you can use that information to better yourself!

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Inside this Myers – Briggs, you get an opportunity to evaluate your own personality on the basis of 8 characteristics of being human. And these are:  Introverted(I)/Extroverted(E), Sensation(S)/Intuition(N), Thinking(T)/Feeling(F), and Judging(J)/Perceiving(P).

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Now, from those markers of character, indicated above next to the respective characteristics, there comes the process of pairing….
Think of it as a way of grouping these eight characteristics into two groups of four, each.
With this way of grouping them, you could be able to tell how you feel love, in all its proximities and distances
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Mark you, could be anything from a ISTJ to an ENFP kind of person…that is, an Introverted, Sensational, Thinking or Feeling and Judging or Perceiving kind-of-person, you know….

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Dddaaammmnnnnn…I can see you making that hhhmmmmm sound to this thing!
I want to know how you experience love, yourself….