How do you manage to keep sane with all this, that’s going on around you?
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The world has gotten “crazier” by the day, right?
The fighting, yelling, killing, deceit, mistrust
Even I feel pushed to the end of the wall and I wouldn’t want to go right through it…
I look at my neighbor in the morning, on my way to town
And the look in their eyes looks really far-fetched
They look so dazed, as though it’s not a new day, full of fresh beginnings
The sun is shining very brightly and strongly in our pockets, as well…
We can barely afford to have something to eat, drink, and find a place to lie down for a bit
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Our levels of motivation to do what we want and need to are so down
We are very much educated, to say in the least but it’s like we aren’t.
Our friends are nowhere to be seen
Perhaps, they are fighting off far much worse battles and wars than we are here doing here
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Am I going crazy, with each passing day?
I walk along the street and all over a sudden, am talking to myself
Till when I snap out of it!
Am I normal like others that I see?
Am so much afraid of asking of help when I really need it
Instead, I choose to drown alone, in my lake of sorrows
And hope for all the best, at the end of the day
I hope this torture comes to an end, some day
And am able to fully get on with a nice life.