Earlier on, I was doing some social media work

And I landed on the global commemoration of the “World Storytelling Day”.

I liked it!



Immediately, I recalled I have a number of blogs of mine that I can share, in this light

Which led me to two I wrote down earlier, when I had just started blogging.

One of them is called “The Year I Quit” and the other is called “4 Years Sober Now”.



For some days now, I have wanted to write an update on this journey of complete sobriety of mine.

Today is the day….



As we speak today, we are already past the life-time mark of being “8 Years Sober

Of being completely sober!



Has the journey of 8 years sober, been easy?

No, it has not!

There has been lots of testing and trying moments here and there.

Someone I know has always said that whatever you love or like will not come cheap to you.

You must be ready to pay a hefty price to get it and I am very ready to pay the expensive price of sobriety!


Have I felt like quitting this whole process?

Many times, yes.

However, to be fair, this was in the very beginning of this whole process!


Am I happy with the progress I have made, until this point of 8 years sober?


I am so happy with it. I mean, how could I ever imagine myself away from alcohol, back in those days?


Would I recommend total sobriety to anybody out there?

Yes, definitely!

There is a very relieving and good feeling to knowing you are not being held captive by that product!

It can sure feel like you are in prison, you know!


Do I like being sober?

Yes, I do.

Unlike then, when I knew very little about how this whole world of alcohol works!


Am I looking forward to more 8 years sober?

Definitely, I am!

Why go back to times that were not as good as these ones?


~How long have you been sober? ~