Yes yes!

We are back here today, not to offer you any newΒ  posts but to seek your feedback.

This feedback could be as honest as possible, and it concerns my blog.


For all the years you have possibly read my blog, how do you like those posts there?

Do those blog posts of mine inspire change in you?

Do my blog posts upset you?

Do my posts make you smile, from ear to ear?



How is my writing style? Do you like it?

How about the choice of pictures and photos I use in there? Does it sit well with you?

Are there particular topics I write about that you like so much?

Is there that one blog post I publish, that you hate till this day?


Given the opportunity to suggest,

What would you like me to write about?

Should I increase the frequency of my publishing of these social posts?

Can I change the language in which I write and publish these posts?


Would you like to know what drives me to write all these things?

Would you like to know the story behind me publishing this often?


I look forward to hearing from you on this!