The on-going FIFA Women’s World Cup isn’t an isolated case.

Neither is the Netball World Cup, that ended yesterday!

We all need to pay keen attention to sports that women participate in!


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For a very long time, we have been fed off the chalice of sports men participate in, as the supreme and number 1 above all.

As the years have gone by, I’ve come to step away from that altar and chalice!


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I came to realise the sports women participate in, are unique and equally interesting as that done by the men.

There was one problem though; that octopus with very long tentacles, we talked about one time, is present to try and lie to the world otherwise.


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I began looking deeper into this side of sports and discovered a lot of things.

  1. The level of intentional under-resourcing in sports participated in by women, compared to those of the men, is astonishing!
  2. The in dignification of players in sports participated in by women was so unbelievable…some to the point of being stripped naked to ascertain if they have “female genitalia”!
  3. The programming to view and watch sports that women participate in, is simply criminal. It looked innocent at first but hey, the patterns started piecing together!
  4. The heavy influence of the patriarchy on the lives of women and girls greatly determined if girl A ever made it to the training ground alone!


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Well, we are in 2023 and if you have been paying attention to world events beyond your physical and imaginary boundaries,

You do know that we have had two World Cups going on, awaiting another!


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The 4 issues I mentioned above have come up again, this year.

Several players at this tournament never imagined they would even make it to the hosting nations!

Could that be the reason behind the super performances we’ve witnessed so far?

(The further you progress as a team in these moments, the more money you earn as individuals and as a team)!


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Many players are coming out of the shell with their real-life stories of how they were treated so badly, by the authorized body to ascertain that they are women!


Simone Biles of  United States during Balance Beam for Women at the Aspire Dome in Doha, Qatar, Artistic FIG Gymnastics World Championships on 3 of November 2018. (Photo by Ulrik Pedersen/NurPhoto via Getty Images).


Along the way, the times for watching these sports women participate in have been changed to near prime time and prime time.

In the past, even just airing these sports didn’t happen!


Photo credit: Brookings Institution


With that,

I hope you are paying keen attention to sports women participate in!