A few years ago, I said something about us stopping the hosting of all these conferences until we had implemented what was agreed upon.

I am back mainly to ask you, “how far are we on that endeavour”?


Photo credit: A4ID


Also, I want to know why some people are kept out of conference rooms that they are supposed to be, by default!

So many women, for example, have been left out of global conference rooms and halls simply because they do not fall in the “accepted definition of women”.

I wonder why….


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The same goes for street children.

Many times, people donning suits, name tags and clean-shaved heads sit in air-conditioned rooms to discuss children on the streets,

You never see a child of the streets, in these rooms!

Why is this so?


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My thinking is that, if you are going to discuss me, I need to be in the same room with you guys.

Whatever you say about me, I need to hear it.

What you don’t understand clearly, I could give you a perspective you didn’t have, right?


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That should enable you to sign against something you understand better!

Let us in those rooms now!