You have got what it takes

All the answers you are looking for are inside there

In you

To all the questions you have and others have for you possibly

Do the right thing

“We” are soooo tired of holding your hand

As you keep on “doing all the wrong things”

And shielding you away from the arm of “the law”

When you can actually do better!!!!


Perception – how you understand something?

Reason – are you consciously making some sense of something?

Memory – are you storing something away in your brain for use in the future?

Testimony – accepting and admitting something like the truth of the matter


All you have to do is “take your face off” for a moment,

Turn it into your most honest mirror

Let yourself be in this moment of truth….

Hold it right before you now

And yeah…let’s see where this leads us, alright?


~ Can we do that? ~