Should we call you, Dr Jack Ryan?

Or “Jack, the financial analyst”?

Damn….I will give you that

You are good with your “numbers” and

Following the money to where it heads next

I mean, you and your former T-FAD boss Greer brought down

A whole terrorist, Suleiman

And his whole team in Yemeni

This guy had evaded the hands of the law…both the short and long

Till that moment when you rescued him!

You played your usual games

Of the cat chasing after the mouse and vice-versa

Till when you both met in the train station in the States

And you had a choice to make….either kill Suleiman with a bullet or stop him momentarily with the same bullet

I am very glad you did the latter….just in time before he could

Explode himself with his bomb!


For that, you got yourself a promotion….as

The boss of T-FAD and Greer was sent to Moscow, as the

Chief Of Station

But hey….who doesn’t know Greer that well, huh?


He always has something up his sleeves!

You were booked for a flight with him to Moscow, shortly thereafter

Looks like he intended to keep you for himself, after all!

Very soon and recently, we had you running you around

To South America

On some chase….about China launching a satellite in the South China sea

Being a good spy, that drew your blinkers away….

Venezuela….here you were

With this big plan of finding out what this all means

On one side, we have all these illegal arm shipments

On the other, we have an election coming up for the Presidency

On another hand, we have all this intel you have gathered

So, you head down there with Greer and Senator Moreno

Senator Moreno is murdered on your watch

By Max, a killer-for-hire, contracted by President Reyes!

You make it your mission to see it through that Senator Moreno didn’t die in vain

And that, the people of Venezuela get some justice and honesty, for once

And also, the real criminals here are apprehended and get to pay for what they did!

In my opinion, you did well

And I can’t wait for next year

Most likely in October, to hear from you how far you have progressed!