First of all, whoever created “Loot” and gave it that name

Is a very crazy person.

I do not say this in a bad way. It is in a good way.


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That is because I am yet to see this loot talked about!

All I see is Molly Novak trying to re-adjust her life to its current circumstances.


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A few moments into what you will see of her and John reveals something that John did.

They break up and the two share the properties that they accumulated equally.

John is a billionaire and by this separation, Molly becomes one, too!


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In a bid to try and “find” herself or what is left of her,

She stumbles upon the knowledge that she now owns a foundation… “The Wells Foundation”.

It is from the constant work she does here that she gets her window to learn about herself more and to better herself and those around her.


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What proceeds from there on out is very comical, sad, hopeful and educating, as well.

You will be let into the way the rich live in this world and how they conduct themselves.

You will witness struggles of so many people in this show; from the very rich to the very poor to those who are not sure about what to do with their lives.


Nat Faxon and Maya Rudolph in “Loot,” premiering globally June 24, 2022 on Apple TV+.
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Season 1 is not yet done as we speak

However, I love this show already.

It reminds me of the importance of having a world that sees every one of us as equals.


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I clearly do not understand why someone has to move in a convoy of Sports Utility Vehicles that cost over US$100,000 to cut the ribbon of a housing project for the homeless and poor!

Or, have their own personal chef at their beck and call, to make them their preferred meal of that moment…without batting an eye-lid!


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