We are born in humility
By size and shape
We are just a zygote
I don’t think we can fill up a teaspoon in quantity

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And soon enough, we are a month old, inside Mummy
4 months, the world has started seeing somebody kept in the safest incubator on earth
9 months later, we are destined to leave Mummy’s belly to be brought unto the earth.
Very innocent and cute….most of all, blind….. Very humble beginnings, right?

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Those are beginnings that everyone respects, right?

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We begin off by crawling…..for so many minutes and hours
We so badly want to walk like those other people we always see
We look at solid food with our marsh mellow eyes of innocence and blindness and somehow, we can be able to see it
But we can only afford what comes from Mummy’s breast and the feeding bottle, for until when it’s safe and recommended for us, to have something more solid.
We so badly want to talk but then, we ain’t got the capacity to fully articulate the words as they come….so, we mumble here and there, every once in a while, mentioning Mama and Daddy
 Personal development and career growth
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Some years pass by and before you know it, somebody’s in high school
Tussling it out and making way with the adrenaline rush that comes with being at this stage of development.
Some mistakes and bad decisions here and there and soon enough, we begin craving our independence from Mama’s nest

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Some people say that this is where one’s beginnings start from

I don’t know if I particularly agree with that
Or if you do!

Perhaps, we have opposing ways of seeing humble beginnings
Soon enough, you have to put some food to your own table
We all have where we started from
Most of us, though, start off small and work our way, up there, one hour and day at a time
For some other G’s of ours, they’re the privileged type and life comes pretty set out for them, to enjoy and live.
And so, we begin off somewhere….wherever….anywhere
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“Dirty work is all I started out with”…. “The pay is a joke”… “My boss is the very worst”…. We hear all this and more
It shapes us, a certain way
And prepares for tomorrow, that for some reason, remains undisclosed and unknown
To be ready for whatever comes but then also, be able to stand up for what’s yours.
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So, if you’re looking at that nice house you want for yourself, you just might have to begin off, in a much smaller one….may be even dirtier, as you save and work up for that plush one!

And also, when you make it to the top, never be afraid to speak about your very humble beginnings….they’re what made you become what you are today and now.

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