I still can’t believe that it has been 4 years since I was last at a school outreach with my team at work!

The last one we did was in 2020, around the time when we were here, and were sent in an indefinite lockdown!

We were back this week and it felt like I was reporting back to school, for a new academic year!



Of late, I am taking a lot of photos, and I am glad my team encouraged me to do so.

Throughout the previous week, I was experimenting with all these different brands of machines and trying to understand what each button does.

I am glad I did some good work with the camera, for the 2 outreaches we carried out, last week!



Back then,

Our “learning” and interaction plans were more spontaneous.

Now, it’s all different as we now have our curriculum.

It is what we have used, this past week.



Majority of these young people who knew us from back then, are now in other classes and spaces.

We have a brand-new crop of people ranging from teachers to students.

I look forward to making as many friends of them as possible.



I really missed reaching out and interacting with young people in schools.

They formed the bedrock of my work in the non-profit space.

It is from that all their ideas, notions and way of life that we can keep peeling off old skin and letting a newer shade grow (by this, I mean that I am unlearning a lot and learning much more)!



We are now in a new week.

We will have a new set of learners and teachers to interact with, in schools.

I am back in school – reaching out!