It has been a very long 70 years on the throne

Of an institution that you used to commit atrocities in all 4 corners of the world.

Even you knew that it was just so wrong that you literally “crafted” a law that ensures that you cannot be prosecuted for your actions!

Good Riddance, dear Queen of England!


Photo credit: TIME


You certainly were not the first “royal” that ever did that and will not be the last, definitely.

Those that came before you did use the exact “prescription of medicine” for “stubborn people” like us Africans, Asians and anyone that you identified to be different from your race.

Brutality, murdering, looting, imposing of your euro-centric standards, manipulation of all sorts to name but a few!


Attack on the Court-House, St. Thomas-in-the-East, Jamaica, during Morant Bay rebellion. 11 October 1865. Rebellion led by Paul Bogle following imprisonment of man for trespassing on a long-abandoned plantation. (Photo by Culture Club/Getty Images) *** Local Caption ***


How can I forget some of the wildest things that have existed like

A white man “discovering” the source of river “Nile”?

The white man brought light to Africa…it was so dark there…(as though the sun does not shine over these lands)!

Being “compensated” very handsomely for the slaves you “lost” to their freedom?

Stealing all our bodies, regalia, art and possessions from us and parading it all in your caged museums as though you are afraid someone will come and “take back what is theirs”?


Photo credit: The Guardian


I see the “new in-charge” did not waste any single second

Feeling entitled and the most powerful person out there.

Hihi….it is all simply laughable!

That is shit, if you ask me!


Photo credit: NBC News


You had no mercy, consideration or kindness on our ancestors and us, as well.

I did not hear or see or watch you apologise for the actions you took on all those millions of people that you regarded as dispensable!


Protesters gather outside an office of the British government to demand that the United Kingdom pay reparations for centuries of slavery, in advance of a visit by Prince William and Catherine, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, in Kingston, Jamaica March 22, 2022. REUTERS/Kate Chappell NO RESALES. NO ARCHIVES


To that effect, I can only rejoice, curse and dance to your demise.

One murderer and thief down

Good riddance, dear Queen of England.