Apparently not even for me…

Who makes use of this same cloud, every day of the week, no?

That even hurts!!!

Cloud Computing Concept

The other day, I was looking through my Google Drive to see what has been going on there

And guess what?

I found the same cloud-based drive “cleaning up for me” when I had not asked it to.

About 8 of the articles I had typed out had been deleted and so many articles I deleted back in the day magically came back to my drive.

I had lost quite a lot of my works!!!

So, I wonder….who has figured out a very good and convenient way of working with the “cloud”?

I haven’t….that’s why  I am asking!

If you are good with technology, please help out a total amateur.

If you need to get paid for the service you may render to me, then let that be brought to notice!