A few moments ago,

I was reading something on love and loving.

It read,

“One cannot love without surrendering; being vulnerable, silly, childish, bare, shameless, defenceless, trusting…” – @ulxma.


Photo credit: Parents


I find it very true and intriguing, on my part.

True: I like being am childish and bare when I am with the person I love.

To be childish (in a healthy way that hasn’t been manipulated in any way) is to be yourself, free at heart with no intentions of harm and hopeful of good fortunes ahead!


Photo credit: UNICEF


Intriguing: how can we claim to love someone when we are holding ourselves back from them?

How can you be silly and playful with me like a child, when you still have this image, you are pulling off with me?

Most of all, how can you trust me with that 20-foot firewall you have erected permanently around your heart, without a gate to it (hihi)?


Photo credit: Scary Mommy


I ask again; is it possible for you to love me without being like a child?