6%, for a prevalence-rate of #HIV in Uganda, surely turns heads, just like it did, a few weeks ago
I mean, it’s been a real struggle getting to down, even by 0.5, right?

Woman Social Programs
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Uganda has so much history with that ka-tiny guy, HIV
So much pain, anguish, headache, disgust
Broken families and homes, kavuuyo in offices here and there because of this ka-guy

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We don’t know about other countries, but we shall take this, as a win for us, for now.
Well aware that the war is still soooo far from over, especially in our folks aged in their early and mid-40’s
Plus, the mid-teens, as well

File photo of a doctor drawing blood from a man to check for HIV/AIDS at a mobile testing unit in Ndeeba, a suburb in Uganda's capital Kampala
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There’s still quite a lot more to do there, in those categories of our people
Given all these things we are seeing everyday
And the temptation to be a little carefree and careless, as well

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Our voices, I recommend, must never fail us, when the time comes to chant on “PREVENTION”…because it’s the one and only strategy that will keep us away from the HIV
Primary prevention saves us a lot…in terms of finances, stress, logistics….mention it
All it takes is investing much less, digest what has been passed onto you, practice it out well enough and you’re good to go!

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Remember to steer clear of the no-fly zone, on this one!
We must successfully #endHIV, on our own!
Everything we need to do so, we already have.