Hope, whoever you are,
Everybody defines you interestingly

Photo credit: magicalkenya.com

I know you as that one person that never turns your back on us, even when we do so
It’s just that sometimes, we go through a lot
As people and we feel over-burdened
With no one around us or far away that we expect to be stand strong for us and keep looking out for the best

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At times, I wonder where you are, when I’m screaming my lungs out and trying to grab onto you
Every little good thing that we’ve worked so hard to ensure stays seems to run away from us, without giving us any hope that it will be back some day or that all will be ait

Photo credit: ullmanphoto.com

We used to be good and young and beautiful
But now, without a single ray of hope shining in our future, we are basically savage and hopeless
No matter how much we ask ourselves how and when we lost you, hope
It doesn’t look like we are about to find you

Photo credit: npr.org

You know, without you around, we can’t have faith and love around either, right?
So, without you and your two other pals, where do we go from here?

How do we bring back the hope that’s been soooo long gone?