If you want to know about a woman who hit and crashed down the glass ceiling of crime and bad ways,

It was Restrepo Griselda Blanco!

This girl did it all including giving the US Government such a big headache in her absence from them and in their presence, as well.


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How did Griselda come to this, though?

I mean, the time before she came to be referred to as “Godmother of Cocaine”, “the Godmother”, and “Black Widow”!


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She grew up in poverty all her early years.

When she was around 11, it is widely said that she fatally shot a kidnapped boy she had in her keeps.

It makes only sense that from there her life went further from that point with extreme ruthlessness (as you will know further).


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In her life,

She had 3 husbands and 4 children.


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By mid-adolescence, she was already married to a man named Carlos Trujillo.

It’s with Carlos that her first 3 children were born.

Dixon, Uber, and Osvaldo were their names.


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By this time, she had “graduated” from pick-pocketing and commercial sex work to dealing in human trafficking, falsifying documents, smuggling of cocaine (which she became a queen pin at).

Her earlier stages of smuggling cocaine included making special compartments in the bras of her women mules, where the cocaine would be kept and moved.

That was a genius move for years till the DEA got wind of it!

All this while, she was with her second husband, Alberto Bravo.


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Anyone that she largely disagreed with, including her husbands, had their lives ended!

Her business associates weren’t spared either.

According to the 2014 book Drugs in American Society, she was responsible for most of South Florida’s murders from 1979 to 1981!


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She was responsible for so much cocaine in the streets that it was known that she raked in 80 million dollars a month, back in the day, at the height of her career!

So much death and pain she moved along with that her most notorious opponent, the famous Pablo Escobar Gaviria was so afraid of her!

When it came to handing her sentence, so much mystery surrounds how she only got a sentence of 10 years and not the death penalty!


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Just as night follows day,

She was murdered in Colombia in 2012, after serving her 10-year sentence.

The way she was murdered corresponds to the riding motorbike gun shooters that she developed and perfected to be her signature weapon.


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Was Griselda’s murder pay-back?

Was her murder a warning of newer times and different territory from what she left?

We will never know, I guess!

(One day, we will talk about what was done to her children)!