We see this movement march past us daily
Chanting on empowerment for the girl-child
The “under-privileged” of the two sexes
The one that’s marginalized by society
The one that’s overlooked when making those big decisions of society

Photo credit: The Water Project

Something crossed my mind, just as it always does
The boys….
What happens to them?
Are they catered for in this package of the empowerment movement?

Who’s raising these boys today?
Who’s teaching them what they know and chest-thump on?
Who’s there to show them “the way”?
Who’s there to let them know when they’re misfiring on the job?

Photo credit: Twitter

Is the boy wandering off their own direction, just like their father?
Or does he, yiveni have a father, to look up to, on these matters?
Does his father care about what’s happening?
Photo credit: East Africa Social Science Translation.

We, the mothers, are we focused enough to draw that line between being right and standing up for what’s right?
Are we being positive influences on our daughters?
Are we being the good ambassadors of love and nurture to our sons?
Are we ever present to listen to our boys?
Do we teach our boys to speak up when it’s hurting?
Do we encourage our boys to speak up when the occasion warrants us to?