I want you to consider yourself lucky if you fall in the following categories and their siblings:


  1. Had a warm bed to sleep in.
  2. Had a warm meal at your convenience this morning.
  3. Had someone to talk to and laugh, in the last hour.
  4. Had a good night’s rest.
  5. Have some spare money on you.
  6. Had a spiritual chat with an elder.
  7. Made a child smile and happy.
  8. Feel light at heart.
  9. Have a very good memory.
  10. Have someone call you, their friend.
  11. Enjoy listening to music and sounds.
  12. Haven’t slept in a jail cell before.
  13. Have a doctor on your beck and call.
  14. Can do whatever they want with their life without having to worry about anything.
  15. If you haven’t had the fortune of suffering in this life!


Photo credit: WIRED


By now,

Don’t you consider yourself lucky, if you score highly on those things I mentioned above?