I’ve grown up hating pain
And the whole thing of feeling it
And accepting my losses as well as it

Photo credit: imagingtheworld.org

My own folks have lived like this, for a while now
Always looking out over their shoulder
Afraid of that dark spot around the corner
Where everybody’s a stranger and a very big danger, to them

Photo credit: elizabetharoundtheworld.com

Trouble deepens and soars, when trust is paid out to somebody
The first thing that crosses the mind, is being hurt
And how, we don’t want any more of this

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My own father was a runner of sorts
Never facing his troubles like the pleasures he enjoyed
Busking his head down in the sand
One day, he developed this thing of vanishing or what you may call, taking the easy way out…the shortcut

Photo credit: robinsimon.com

Never looking back, for a second
To have a look at the damage he’s done or to try and face his dark days
Without placing the blame on anyone else

Photo credit: emanuelamantegazza.com

Are you like me?
Do you hang around and look Mr. Pain in the eye?
I hope you find the answers you need, on those trips.