Solutions get thought of, when there is a problem at hand

I am told.


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On some other occassions,

I am told solutions are more uniform mixtures of substances.


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How many of us get to see a problem, way ahead of time?



They say that prevention is better than treatment.

Is this entirely true?


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Do we always have to wait for a problem to arise so that we can get a solution for it?

Sincerely, do we always have to?



Many times, you are made to sound like you did, years ago.


Somebody may call that “recycling” of solutions. I do not have a problem with that.

My problem comes with bringing up the same solution repeatedly, when we both know it does not work.


“Look within you….the answers are always right there”. They say!

Do you think that statement is accurate or true?


When we find “out-sourced solutions”,

Do they usually have ties on them? If they do, are they still that thing we hear about….called “Solutions….solutions….solutions”?


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Also, do we always have to find solutions, only when problems arise?

Are we not allowed to find alternatives or remedies before problems come about?

They ask, “Why fix something that wasn’t broken?”


~ Think about all that! ~