Thy Will” is a track done by “Lila Ike”.

It is off “The ExPerience”, an Extended Play aka an “EP” released in 2020 by Ike, herself.


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Thy Will is a song with quite a story

To start with, Ike intended to release this song about 5 years before it’s release….somebody must have held her back from doing so.


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Personally, I first heard to this song playing and did not pay much attention to it then.

It was only after the “Black Lives Matter” broke out in 2020 that DJ Simple Simon included it on his “BLM Stand Up – Part 1” music mix that I really REALLY listened to it and fell in love with it more!



Then, in 2021, a remix of it was done and released by Lila and another young blood, Skillibeng, adding more flavour and ring to it and the message it carries.

I love them both!


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It is a song done on the theme of injustice and how we can make use of music to “fix it”.

As it is said that injustice for one is injustice for everybody, so is what this song covers!

We are talking elective politics, the church, the streets and in our respective communities where we live.


Say pon this journey weh Jah put me
Wuleap ah things me witness
Negative thoughts and unpure heart
Ah plague we like a sickness
Now the yute dem have a hit list
Pon every stall and most business
Helicopters ah circle ’round the area like a Frisbee (helicopter in the area)
Unsolved mystery mother can’t find pickney
Message in the music is the only way fi fix it
I say word, sound, power
Lift your hand up if your with me
Nah go make dem trick we cah we nah repeat the history


That was verse 1 for you

I must say, it is a nice flow in narration of how Ike has seen these things

It’s a narration I relate with so much….being young, black and poor in a world that keeps on writing off those 3 lines of identification.


When it comes to the second verse,

There are the first four lines of it that appeal the most, to me.


Oh yes, me know ah yesterday me born
But me ah come from far
Fi we ancestor, yes, ah dem first start study stars
How nowadays dem yute ‘yah wah study war?”


One gets to wonder why the young people of this day and age

Would happily study war and not peace!

We all here, reading this blog, know how much blood has been spilled over the years, sometimes over the most trivial of things, right?

Look at the last part of that second verse below;


A nation weh so sweet it just ah get so bizarre
It deep, look good and then you might spot the scars
Some go bleach it out now this ah get too far
Them want fi worship possessions, house and car
Know me nah go wrong because ah me and Jah Jah par


This goes to tell you that

No amount of paint or mascara or public relations will ever sanitise a land marred by violence.

Only the peoples’ incessant resistance of it, like what the Cheran community in Mexico did, can dismantle it!


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Come down nowto the final verse of “Thy Will”,

Lila speaks of how mother Earth has possibly decided to pay us back in kind, for what we have done to her.

Do you think she is right when she says this?


Oh yes, now tell me
How come good good Mother Earth full up ah natural disaster
Dem sit down in the church with the ungodly pastor
Nah change yuh nappy but you rape off your daughter
Bredda kill bredda, coo deh, all that no call for
Just watch your back when you ah climb up the ladder
Frighten fi see yuh friend dem wah fi put you inna plaster
Still I no fret ’cause ah time ah the master
And I ah Jah Jah daughter


Lila Ike asks us to reflect upon our actions

As individuals and as individuals that form the fibre of society, with this song.

I personally think so much about this song and the message it carries.


I stand to believe you will do some homework

And find out how the chorus of this song, is sang!


~Remember, “Thy Will” will always be done! ~