Adolescence is a very critical time in one’s life as they grow and mature.

It is also the same time that so many young people get to taste the waters of sex and sexual freedom.

I don’t know about you but I live in a country where we are sexualizing and moralizing the children here.

What do I mean?


Photo credit: Spectrum News


When I say that we are “sexualising” children,

I mean it literally.

This country is largely patriarchal and that usually comes with creating, proving and passing on your sexual prowess in all you do.

This can be in form of songs, poems, conversations, news, children upbringing among others.


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Much of the media we have in this country sexualizes young girls and boys.

The elders and older people aren’t doing any better since it’s something they came to normalize besides entrenching lousy and shallow morals in these young peoples’ brains.

What gets to happen to these young people, in the end?


Photo credit: Opinio Juris


So many children are going to have children of their own.

So many children are growing up abused and harmed.

We are losing so many young people to substance abuse, that they think will help them cope with what’s happening to them.

Most of all, we are using a very key population as a country aside from spending so much money looking after these young people!


Photo credit: UN Women Africa


Always remember,

As you moralise and sexualize our adolescence,

We will all pay a very steep price “morally”, “socially”, “sexually”, “financially” and psychologically!


No one is safe from this and also, no amount of the ostrich-approach will save us the shame, suffering and guilt!