Hey you,

Do you recall your math lessons of “sets”?

There was that point in between several or a few sets or what we used to call “circles”, where they all met.

We used to call it the “intersection”, right?


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In my adult life,

I have come to realize that we all have that one point or points where we intersect with other people.

But even before that, we have all these things our hearts are so interested in so much so that one mention of them in the dailies or the radio or telly, our ears are fully hooked!

Be it in education, justice, love, children, our lives, finance, weather, land, race, food, technology, health etc.


Poster credit: European Network of Equality Bodies


At personal level,

We also have our own intersections like being a citizen of a particular country, at the same time being of a certain religion, sexuality and race.


Poster credit: The Scottish Government 


I want you to take off a moment to look back at your entire social circle.

What are these points of intersection you share, with the people in your social circle?

Have you ever tried to find out how and why you even intersect with them?

Outside of these points of intersection, why do you go left from these people in your social circle?


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Having known your points of intersection,

Are you the type to work as hard as you can to make life better for everyone?

Or, are you just fine with the fact that your life is great the way it is and it doesn’t need any improvement or change?


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As a reminder,

Working more and more on our points of intersection at individual and interpersonal level greatly improves our lives and rectifies the things that shouldn’t have gone wrong from the start.

Getting to pick and choose parts of our identities doesn’t work for our good.

It only destroys us further.