Have you ever looked at an object that’s quite far from the reach of your eye?
One that is like 5 kilometres away from where you are, at that moment?
How would you describe it, if I asked you to?

Photo credit: wfdd.org

Would you say it’s black, short, skinny, tall, leafy and sandy?
What sense would I make out of your description?
Would you like my reaction to that description?

Photo credit: virginiavisiontherapycenter.com

Try shutting your left eye…tell me what you see
Then, your right one….what do you see?
Is what you saw on both eyes the same, exactly?
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No?  What made it different?
Could it be that what you are seeing isn’t actually before your eyes and is all just in your head?
Could it be that you just so badly want what you want to appear there, be there actually?
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Now, that we handled that, could you perhaps slow down with your answers that you’ve gotten?
Who knows? You might not be right as you may want to.
Or you could be, all the same

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Pppssssshhhhhhhh…. I don’t know if am even making sense with what am saying…

All in all, it’s just your mind and another moment.