According to a blog post written by Maik Dunnbier in 2013 and is published on Movendi Internationals website,

It takes 870 litres of water to produce 1 litre of wine!

Which translates into one glass of wine (125ml) costing 110 liters of water!


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When it comes to beer, it is even more sad and interesting.

For every 1 litre of beer, 298 liters of water must be used!

One glass of beer (250ml) costs therefore 74 litres.

One bottle of beer (500ml) costs 148 liters.


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These numbers were put together in 2013.

Ask yourself, “what is the situation like 10 years later?”

How much waste is pushed back or discharged back to “us”?


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Another bunch of questions you need to ask yourself is,

  1. When was the last time I ever went on a day without fresh water?
  2. Do I ever want to go a day without fresh water, for the sake of having beer in my fridge or cooler?
  3. How often do you see “big alcohol” companies sponsoring pro-water utilisation activities like at “Water Week” or provide fresh water to the communities that house them?
  4. How much electricity is used to come up with a 24-tyre trailer full of beer or wine?


Photo credit: World Water Week


These questions aren’t limited to whether you consume alcohol or not.

The more people get to see these questions, the more we can think out aloud!

What are your thoughts on this?