ME: My bbbeeeiiiiiibeeeiiii… you’re always on my mind
CONDOM: Aaaawwwwww….you mean it?

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ME: (smiling shyly) I mean it….its like you’re my drug
CONDOM: Hihi…yyyooouuuuuuu, don’t make me blush
ME: it’s the truth, girl!

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CONDOM:  Okay…tell me this…of all times, you chose this one time to tell me how much you love me and have me on your mind
ME: Wwwweeeelllllllll…. You’re one person that handles me the way I want you to

CONDOM: is that all or it?
ME: Nnnoooooo…there’s more
CONDOM: Aaannnhhhaaaaa…go on

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ME: With you around, I try to be as consistent and available, as I can
CONDOM: Hhhhmmmmmm…I’ll give you that… you do that quite well
ME: Yyyyeeesssssssssssss…

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CONDOM: Can we make a deal?
ME: Yeah sure, my love….shoot
CONDOM: Can we keep the consistency and honesty, in our relationship? Is it too much to ask of us, at this point in time? Can we do that?

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ME: Hhhhmmmmm…am sure we can do that, yeah! I can do anything for you, you know that, right?