Do you love history?

Are you fascinated by events that happened in the past….be it in real life or otherwise?

Outlander just might be your show!!!

I mean, one day, we are in the 1940’s…living our lives

Next thing we know, we are 200 years back in time!

Annoying? Sad? How could this even happen? Like, for real???

From what I did gather from the Interactive Monolingual English dictionary ….

The term “Outlander” means, “a person who comes from a foreign country; someone who does not owe allegiance to your country; foreigner; alien; noncitizen; (opp. of citizen)”.

And if you ask me, this is exactly what so many people in these Scottish lands think of Claire.

Claire, as you will get to see for yourself, is an English-woman, working as a combat-nurse for the British Army

She lived a simple life….with her husband, Frank who also happened to serve in the same Army with her

Once the war was done, they both decided to have their “second honeymoon” in Scotland

One day, they both drive to a place called “Craig Na Dun”…very monumental, if you ask me!

While there, they witness a group of people seemingly circular-dancing around stones while holding lamps in their hands and singing, too

It’s all a beautiful scene right there and they stay right there till sun-rise

Then, all over a sudden, these people disappear and a woman comes in search for something that she might have dropped there

They hide behind one stone that, folk has it, holds the key of “transporting people away in time”!

Claire gets in the car and returns to this same place

You know how curiosity killed the cat, eh?

Yyeeaahhh…that’s exactly what happened to Claire.

She touches this stone and all we get to see next is her waking up in a very different time but she remains in the same clothes.

At first, it’s all confusing, as you may appreciate but with time, it all starts to fall into place as she gets acquainted with Scottish life in the Highlands.

So, she is torn between time and the matters of the time.

At one point, she so badly wants to return to the life she had with Frank and now, she is pondering on staying right here with Jamie, one of the nomads in the community she gets to live in!


Back in her old life…that is back in the days of the Army,

Claire knew people like Reverend Wakefield, Mrs. Graham, Mrs. Baird, Uncle Lamb, the Duke of Sandringham among others.

In her “new life”, she has met quite a number of people like Captain “Black Jack” Randall, Dougal, Jenny, Geilles, Mrs. Fitzgibbons, Laoghaire, Alec, Letitia, William, Scribe, Ned, Angus, Rupert among others.

I truly can’t wait to meet more people here

There is a much bigger story that I am yet to enjoy here!

Did the Scots succeed at getting what they want?

Did the British keep on winning and stealing from the rest of us?

Did Claire manage to get her old life back?

All that and more….