I will begin off saying

Unbelievablehas been my very best show in 2019!

It has been better than “Treadstone”, “Stumptown”, “Emergence”, “Jack Ryan”, “Warrior”, “Mayans MC” or even “Bluff City Law

I know you’re rolling your eyes like….”are you serious?”

But yeah….I am super serious….it has even been better than “9-1-1”, “S.W.A.T”, “SEAL Team”, “The Blacklist”, “Magnum P.I”, “Empire”, “Whiskey Cavalier” and “The Rookie”, as well!

You might want to ask me why….

  1. This show is inspired by events that happened in real life in 2011
  2. Secondly, it follows investigations of sexual assault. Now, sexual assault happens to be something that touches my heart very deeply
  3. This show is a reality-check to us and me….on how police investigations are done and how they must be done
  4. Unbelievable reminds me of something very important that I have heard all my life. Victims of sexual assault are never believed; no matter how much they “report” to the authorities. This forces so many of them to stay “silent” and hence the wrong-doing continues.
  5. This show really shows how fucked we are; as a society and people.
  6. Kindness and language always gets us where we want to be.
  7. Never give up on what you believe in or your hunch. You will crack it; one way or the other.
  8. You must stay alert at all times. You cannot afford to lose any “leads” or small bits of information.
  9. Unbelievable reminds me to always dismantle the patriarchy….AT ALL COSTS!
  10. We must always believe the victims.

Detectives “Karen” and “Rasmussen” team up on this one particular “string” of a case

Where a young woman, Marie is raped by this guy

Using the same “ways”, this same guy rapes another girl, Amber and another, Doris and another, Lilly Darrow….in different states across the region!

On noticing the pattern, they discover they could be dealing with the same person

And now, they are literally “forced” to combine efforts to catch the rapist!

I so much the love the way it was all done

Respectfully within boundaries, unconditionally listening to them, covering all fronts and leads, treating every single with love and care and utmost importance….most of all, patience that the perpetrator will be caught soon enough!

Of course, not forgetting those very unsurprising statistics on domestic violence to do with the men in uniform!!!

All the detectives and law enforcement officers (not surprisingly, men) dismissed all the victims, beginning with Marie and what they said to them

Called them names and even opened up criminal cases against them

SHIT…how crazy can we be?

Imagine that?

There were certain moments I felt frustrated

Like that time when Steve that works at the Attorney General’s office persistently declined to help her with this one particular file of a cop they were investigating!

I was like….dude, what are you doing? Aren’t you seeing lives are at stake here?

Episode last of season 1 is where I got a huge smile

We finally had some justice given

Right in the court-room!

What a fight we all put up….what a war it is….what a sport it is to be a woman….what a mess we all have to be in until we change things!

~ Fucking Unbelievable ~