I have to be much more honest today

About what Cinemax blessed us

This year, 2019

I don’t know if this is what shall soothe our eyes and wounds

From ending Strike Back so soon like they did

But Warrior has been a dream

The last 2 months have had me glued to my screen without a flinch!

Honestly, from the very first time I saw an ad of it on the now defunct todaytvseries.com cum todaytvseries2.com

I didn’t have the slightest interest to watch it


But then I was like

What the hell….what do I have to lose if I simply watch the premiere episode, huh?

And so, I started with Asam getting off the boat straight into punching the rather horrible immigration officer

Later on, I do learn that he and other very many homefolk have been dragged all the way from China to the San Francisco, USA as slaves or cheap labour

And that, they are not planning on returning them soon to their mama-land

Many of the Chinese folk have come all this way for a better life….or so, they thought

Some have to re-write their wrongs in life

Others, it’s all just business

So they link up in China Town, just like they commonly do in so many foreign lands they have travelled to, you know

The year is 1878….

Now, if you know your history quite well, you will grow to appreciate what went on in that time of the world

China Town has existed for a while now….at least since the youthful days of Father June and the Tongs

Everything in China Town is “up for grabs”. May the best win it all!

Father June is considered the great grand-parent of the Tongs in China Town

He came to America just like any other person who is dragged onto foreign soil

And swore to make something of himself and to never bow down to the white man for anything

Or anyone, for that matter

So, he’s basically the guy that doesn’t take shit from anybody

Not his family, not the scrubs, not the Americans nor the cops….nobody!

In China Town, you will be introduced to Madam Ah Toy who is the most interesting of all characters, to me

On one end, she is very sweet and on the other, very mean and ruthless

She runs what is commonly referred to as the Whore House of China Town

And damn….she’s one hell of a fighter!

Have you seen her move her sword?

One theory has it that Asam came to San Francisco looking for his sister, Mai Ling

Ling came to America as a sacrifice for her family and siblings to have a better life as a result of getting married off to a wealthy Chinese man that lived in San Francisco

They meet and the conflict starts…

Asam says that they should drop everything of theirs and simply return back home

Mai Ling says she’s going nowhere and won’t “give it all up”

Aaaahhhh….it’s massive

And insane

And so cool

You’ll hear a lot of Chinese and China Town and horses and cops

A lot of English….in various forms and opium trade and raids

A lot of bullets and axes and batons

A lot of kicks and punches and broken bones

A lot of discrimination and business

Some sex and love and romance

You will hear lots of glasses clicking and drinks being poured into containers

A lot of Irish men stroking their egos and demeaning the rest of the world

A lot of items getting broken or destroyed

A lot of gratitude and appreciation

To quote Wang Chao, “Warriors have only two paths; get killed or get better”.