Quick question: When was the last time you got to know of a television show that was renewed for another season, 3 days from it’s series debut, huh?

That is “Reacher” for you!

This show was renewed 3 days after it debuted on screen!

(Even I was completely shocked at that.)


Jack Reacher
Willa Fitzgerald and Alan Ritchson
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What a first 8 episodes it has been

With Reacher himself….”7 feet tall weighing 300 pounds” just like Chief Detective Finlay described him. (hihihi)


Season 1
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For a guy that has pretty much lived his life all alone and on his own terms,

I will say he is doing a great job at it!

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Reacher did not want any trouble from anyone in Margrave

He had only come down there, to track down a very popular musician and the music they made

Only to be “mistakenly identified” as the chief suspect in a murder that had happened the previous night, on the outskirts of town and jailed, for that matter!

You might want to see for yourself, how he handled that whole situation in the jail-house!


Jack Reacher
Alan Ritchson
CR: Keri Anderson/Amazon Prime Video


That murder was part of a string of murders and mayhem that would unfold in this little quiet town of Margrave and beyond!

All the residents of this little town get the word around of a newbie in town that is causing all this trouble here and there and that is when the real under-belly of crime shows its true self.

The Kliner family name comes up in investigations carried out by Finlay, Reacher and Officer Roscoe of the Margrave Police Department.


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Little do they know or suspect in the beginning that what Reacher’s brother Joe discovered was so grave as cartel criminals from South America being able to print money bills of their own in Margrave and distribute it elsewhere!

The deeper they go in this well of the unknowns, the closer they get to more “little-known” hard-core criminals like KJ, son of Mr. Kliner, Mayor Teale, Officer Baker and their like!

I wonder which criminals we shall get to see in season 2, eh?!


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I must say Reacher is an excellent show

Full of conspiracy, brutality, trust, thrill, integrity and most of all action!

If you need to beat up somebody, you know where to find that very big man….he will do the rest!


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-Please don’t let anybody disrupt you as you watch Reacher. It reminds me of Jack Ryan! –