You didn’t hear these statements from me….I heard them directly from the drinker’s mouth!


  1. “Ssinga omwenge gwa li mubi ssinga abafudde tuli bangi”…. – NP. (If alcohol was bad, so many of us would be dead by now)


  1. “It would be totally against Christianity and the Bible and the Ten Commandments to eliminate alcohol”…. – NP.


  1. “Tekitegeeza nti ata nywedde mwenge tatomela”…. – NP. (It doesn’t mean that they who hasn’t drank alcohol won’t knock while on the road)


  1. “Mu gguulu, when God asks what you did on earth; ona mugamba nti Mukama akantu ke watonda nakanywa…ka beer ne ka wine sakalekka ne’ tutakola biibi”…. – NP. (In Heaven, ……..; will you tell God that this drink he created, you drank….you didn’t spare the beer and the wine and we didn’t commit sin?)


  1. “Omanyi bwe bakola wine ono….osooka muwunyiliiza kko to inhale its aroma no’ sobola okudetermininga it’s richness. After just take a sip etuule ku luliimi owuliile ka taste ako”…. – NP. (You know, when wine is made, you ought to first take in it’s aroma to determine it’s richness. After that, just take a sip so that it sits on your tongue for a moment to feel it’s great taste)



~I’ll say again; you heard these statements directly from the drinker’s mouth! ~