When I say that “never stop searching”, I speak with a very happy heart!

Because it has been years of wondering and searching for this girl

I once knew right in kindergarten

Back in that time, we were very tight friends with Nantaba

And once kindergarten class came to an end, we went our separate ways for over 24 years! Imagine?!



Stop and think about what can happen in 24 years’ time!

I thought about Juliet a lot, in those years….what had happened to her? Did she even remember me? Would I even recognize her if we crossed paths someday….stuff like that!


I have been a guy of social media and I strongly believe in it’s power to help locate people you last saw ages ago

It already worked in the case of Ibanda that I found after so many years apart….I last saw this dude in Primary class 7!

So why not try it with Juliet now, yeah?

Never stop searching, eh?!


I got searching on the biggest social media apps way back then….but I just could not match a face with a name.

Years went on and I did not lose hope….Twitter came in handy, one day recently.

I was in the search section of it when I went on clicking on a profile of somebody I follow from my screen….

And there she was….this very pretty girl, on a particular conversation with this guy I talked about previously!


I just could not believe my sight, in the first place and that was when

I decided to take the initiative to ask her privately if she attended Christ the King Nursery school, just as I did!

She said she did and in that moment, I knew in my heart of hearts that she is the girl I have been looking for, all this while!


Now, I am not sure if she just does not checkup her messages on her Twitter often but she took her time responding back to me

And in all that time, I was asking myself all these questions in my head!

It has been four days since we got chatting and I must say it is the best time I have had, in a while now!


Do you know what it means to catch up with such a person after this long?

The number of stories, experiences, joys, sorrows, plans you have with this person…after all this while?

I still have a good memory for all this stuff….I mean, this is the first human being I called my “best friend” and I keep on rewinding back the tape of time that we both missed together!


I wonder; what would have become of us if I had stopped searching for Juliet?

What if I had never looked for her, the way I did?


Piece of advice for people that are in a situation like ours….never stop searching, no matter what!

You never know what may come of your effort, eh!

That’s why I’m never stopping the search for Laxmi


UPDATE: We went on our first date yesterday and it was nothing like we had ever seen! We will be updating you a little, in the next few weeks and months about it all!