Laxmi, Laxmi, Laxmi

Aaahhhh….what do I remember about you?

It’s been too long since we last

Saw each other


I don’t think I even have a picture of you

Neither would I recall you by face if we crossed paths in this world

That seems to grow smaller and bigger

At the same time

Aahh…there you are! I’m not sure whose birthday this was but I am certain, it was a PARTE!

I am not even sure I called you by your name

Or you did the same for me

We were this duo…inseparable always

We didn’t care about any of that


All I remember is that you were so stubborn

Just like I was

When we were kids

And neighbours

Time to cut the cake
I, holding the knife, couldn’t wait any longer to have my teeth in the cake and soda on my tongue!

We were just not good with listening

Or hearing what our elders said

Or warned us about

Life, bad people, getting burned by fire, escaping or running away from home


Girl, you made my childhood fun

I didn’t say that to you obviously but I hope you read this someday

That was long before, I think, we got dragged into this madness the adults created for us all

Of “you are Indian. You can’t mix with those people. Those people aren’t our class.”


Speaking of those days,

How can I forget that day when you tricked me into touching the exhaust pipe of Daddy’s motorbike?

We both knew that the pipe was still hot simply because the bike had been running around town

You touched it and didn’t flinch…it’s like you had touched water!

Idiot boy here came and touched the same thing….with a lot of vigour…I mean, what’s the worst that could happen to me if Laxmi had survived it?


Yyyoooooo….that hurt

And you did what you did best, Laxmi

You laughed….and laughed hard

That you drew the attention of everyone at home

Of course, I remained with my lump on my palm!

How is your Daddy, btw?

I haven’t heard from him in a long while, too

Not even Mummy

You know, we were one tightly-knit family


I recall this one day

That Daddy came home and told you to pack all your belongings

You were leaving…just like that!

My heart sank deeper than a sinkhole.


The one childhood friend I had and loved so much

Was leaving me behind where we were leaving ku Stella

Or what has become of it now

I miss you so much, honey!

Not only that….pinching your cheeks and nose like I enjoyed to

Gather up, everybody!
Laxmi, I, Naswiba, Edwin and my other friends whose names I can’t recall so well all gathered around to cut the cake. I’m not sure how old I was, though then.

Where did you go?

What happened to you?

Let’s link up again

But this time, no touching hot stuff and pulling tricks out of the box